My Story in 1.5 minutes


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My name is Yanise
I put on my blades for peace


They called me The Bladress,
for I’m sanguine & boisterous.
I skate extreme long distance
For the universe’s best interest.
It’s kindness & love that built the human fortress.


I’ve not lived a life of conventionality
Nor am I a person of any peculiarity
Just a woman with gratitude and
an attitude to provide other women an opportunity
But let me just share my story in brevity


600 miles on wheels by myself with absolutely no money
Relying on strangers to give me brownies & pepperoni
You think I’m being funny?
Trust me, there’s good side to the mankind story
First I knew nobody, but soon I got love from everybody
Even from the spirits of the dead animal body


The world is not as dangerous a place as the media portrays
In understanding, we’ll be understood
In loving, we’ll be loved
In trusting, we’ll be trusted


In 2018, I’ll challenge
A 7,000mile odyssey across cobblestone streets & over mountain foothill
Roll 8 wheels to power each and every happy windmill
Harness the potential in women yet to be revealed
Through fundraising to build schools for girls
whose thirst for knowledge, equality, and recognition are to be fulfilled


Who says a woman
Can’t be a delicate flower with strong mental power,
a beautiful princess but a courageous fighter?


And for me?
In lipstick & dress accompanied by roller