Euro Tour 2018

European Tour

Starting in March 2018

Join The Bladress as she completes a Guinness World Record while raising money for girls’ education.

Cities Visited

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Miles Rolled

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Money Raised

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The Adventure

The Bladress is undertaking a one-woman rollerblading expedition across Europe, covering 10,000 km (~6200miles), to empower women and young girls. While fundraising for girls’ education, she will attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the longest journey on inline skates.

The Bladress is relying on the kindness of strangers to provide housing, food, and other necessities throughout this trip. If you'd like to participate and have fun when she comes to your city, sign up and let us know how you can help.

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About The Bladress

bladress /ˈbleɪd·rɛs/ n. - a female rollerblader

Yanise Ho, a 22-year-old Hong Kong native attended school in Italy and the US. The constant adventures led to her proficiency in English, Chinese, Italian, & Spanish. Yanise is known to be a boisterous energy ball that oozes enthusiasm and happiness for life.

The Mission

1. Fight for Women’s Rights

TThe Bladress will partner with a trusted non-profit organization, Build On, using her strength and endurance to combat sex trafficking, STD, rapes, violence, and unequal opportunity through providing girls in rural areas a chance to education.

2. Resurrect the lost art of Trust

In the Millennial era of technology, a sense of trust in one another has slowly become obsolete; throughout the journey, The Bladress will harness the good of strangers to power her through every mile. We believe love and friendship transcend boundaries.

3. Produce Artistic Entertainment and Real-life Content

Team Bladress promises to produce unprecedented and surprising weekly short episodes that guarantee a smile on your face. We are also aiming to produce an enriching feature-length documentary that brings forth real-time and real-life experiences to our audience.

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